Terms and Conditions


A minimum 2-hour interpreting charge applies to all assignments, with billing rounded to the nearest quarter-hour. For current rates, please call us: 801 224-7683 or 866 224-7683.

Travel Expense

Depending on distances involved, travel expense charging mileage or a portal-to-portal rate may be billed.

Same Day Fees

Last-minute appointments scheduled the same day the service is provided may incur an additional $15.00 surcharge.

Cancellation Policy

Advance notice of a cancellation is always appreciated, as well as crucial to providing you with the most cost effective of services. To avoid being billed for the duration of an appointment, notice of cancellation must be received 24 hours in advance of the start of an assignment.

Team Interpreting

Due to the physically and mentally demanding nature of sign language interpreting, and in accordance with industry standards, two interpreters are required for most assignments over an hour. Because of workman’s compensation requirements and the concern for overuse injuries, an additional interpreter will be provided for any job assignment that is 1.25 hours or more in length unless otherwise negotiated in advance. Should a team of two interpreters have been expected and/or warranted and is not provided, contractor reserves the right to either charge double for work performed or work half the scheduled time without the requisite team in order to prevent injury from occurring, whichever works best to the benefit of both contracting parties. The additional interpreter will be double the cost. Exceptions are medical appointments, legal assignments and some mental health appointments. Only one interpreter may be necessary for these sessions, regardless of length.

For standard practices regarding team interpreting, please review the RID Team Interpreting document (PDF).

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